Neil, Tackle Box shop owner, on the return of community to Charlton's Pond.

Charlton's Pond’s been sown from a pretty poor area. It used to create a habitat for a lot of unsavoury people, and that has been changed around now. I always remember, when I saw the turning point about 2 or 3 years ago, it was a Wednesday night, and we used to have summer evening fishing matches. It was for the adults and it was the first one I took part in. It was a lovely night and it was one of the first matches we had on the pond since it was done up. It sounds silly, but it was like a film that I’ve seen on TV with Tommy Steel in it. And I know it sounds daft but he’s rowing and he’s got all these people, people that have got picnics out, and the dogs are playing and the kids are playing. Now that night we were all fishing on the pond and that was happening. People were walking the dogs, people were having picnics, it was a gorgeous night. That hadn’t happened before. The community were there, not just the fishermen. People were watching, people were interested. It became a community thing. For people to take part that didn’t take part in the fishing, watching the anglers, it was good.


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