Neil, Tackle Box shop owner (Billingham) on supporting the local junior angling club

The Tackle Box is the centre for the local angling club. So basically anything to do with the club, if you want to join the club, you come here first. But regarding the kids, we get a heck of a lot of kids. The kids are fantastic. They are always welcome in the shop. When they used to first come in they would wonder around, but since Barry at the junior club and the other bailiffs started getting involved with the kids over at the pond, they have such an interest in it now and they listen to what you say. They are so engrossed in fishing, it’s fantastic. We support the junior club and obviously it’s good for our business as well, the more people we get fishing, but it’s not just that, we’re passionate, both myself and my partner, we’re passionate anglers, we fish and we love fishing.


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