Lousie, angler, on the benefits of joining an angling club like Fishing for Everyone

Fishing doesn't have to be expensive. I think it is helpful to join a club and see what is on offer. It gives you a chance to experience different places, usually at a lower cost than if you organised it yourself. You also get tuition as part of the day if you want it which can be costly if you pay for it yourself. Once you've had a variety of experiences, you can pick what you are interested in and what costs suit you.


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Robbie, level 2 Coach, on encouraging juniors at Billingham Angling Club

I’d like to think that there is something available for people whose parents are out of work and are on low income that can’t afford to get the kids involved, that angling is open for all kids that really want to do it. This is what we try to do at our angling club. We try to encourage the kids to come to the club, they can join for free if they do the free induction coaching day and we are always here if they need any help. If any one in the club has spare gear, if they've got tackle they don't want anymore, we pass it on to the kids. We try to help the juniors out as best we can.
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