Junior Club

Robbie, level 2 Coach, on encouraging juniors at Billingham Angling Club

I’d like to think that there is something available for people whose parents are out of work and are on low income that can’t afford to get the kids involved, that angling is open for all kids that really want to do it. This is what we try to do at our angling club. We try to encourage the kids to come to the club, they can join for free if they do the free induction coaching day and we are always here if they need any help. If any one in the club has spare gear, if they've got tackle they don't want anymore, we pass it on to the kids. We try to help the juniors out as best we can.

Robbie, level 2 coach, on his involvement in the restoration of Charlton’s Pond

We used to come over here as kids and fish the pond but it was starting to get run down. Teenagers were coming over here drinking and drug abuse and it was a place not to go. When we were coming over here as kids there were families coming over and picnics. But it had got to the stage where no one was coming over here. So with that in mind we wanted to try to get it back to how it was. That was the aim really, to get the kids back involved, to enjoy fishing the pond like when we were kids. And obviously through the volunteers and grant money we’ve managed to pull it all together.
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