Local Mum, on the positive atmosphere at Charlton’s Pond, Billingham.

Charlton's Pond is ideal for the kids that are local, because a lot of them can come on their bikes or walk. We’re just so chuffed that it’s something for the kids to do and it’s inexpensive. The good thing about it is everybody’s interested, even if they haven’t caught anything. Everyone’s interested in walking around and seeing what everyone else has done. It’s a nice atmosphere. There were two twins that used to fish quite often, and obviously they get to a certain age, and with this being junior, they don’t fish the matches anymore, but it was nice to watch. You could see them growing up.


Mark, Teacher (Crewe) on opportunities for intergenerational engagement

Angling works because at the end of the day education is about building positive relationships. Mainstream sport does engage a lot of disaffected kids but it’s not necessarily the be all and end of it. They’ll play football, they’ll play basketball, and they’ll play rounders and all this sort of thing and they’ll represent the school, but that’s part of a team ethic. Angling offers a little bit more than that because to an extent you are mixing with lots and lots of different adults in lots of different ways.


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