Holistic experience

Motivation 87

Fishing is to be enjoyed and not just about catching 1 or 100 fish. It's about wildlife, the environment, and just being by a lake or river.


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Motivation 89

I'm not bothered by the size or quantity of fish I catch. Catching fish, any fish is what I like. I prefer river fishing but love ponds and lakes too. I'm more wrapped up in the process of angling rather than the aspect of relaxation. I'm not a competitive type of person so the only challenge I have is with myself to get the best of the place I'm fishing, even if it's just catching gudgeon all day. I enjoy fishing with friends and family but am equally at home fishing with strangers or alone.

Motivation 95

For me, fishing is not just about catching fish, it's about being outdoors, enjoying the surroundings, observing nature, seeing things that most people do not know exist or appreciate. Of course catching fish is fun, especially the bigger ones, but that's just the lure to get me out there. There is also the social side of it, banter with family & friends is great, but sometimes silence is needed too, therefore I enjoy fishing on my own just as much.
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