Skills and abilities

Motivation 116

Angling is very relaxing and has given me a lot of patience.


Motivation 126

Fishing for me is all about the relaxation and 'getting away from it all'. It's about taking a few hours of off time away from the modern pressures of life and experiencing the natural wetland habitat and at the same time developing my personal angling skills.

Motivation 28

To be away from hectic lives we lead at the moment in everything we do and to slow down and watch and look at what wildlife we are missing around us, is just so relaxing and trains us to be more patient and relaxed with those around us.

Motivation 30

For me, angling is an holistic experience which goes way beyond the bullet points of the survey. There is also a deeply metaphysical aspect which has not been touched upon, plus in my case, the desire to pass on to others the skills and philosophy of the Sport which has given me so much for over half a century.


Motivation 32

I fish in angling club matches where it is obviously important to catch the most/biggest weight of fish; also enjoying the competitive experience. However when pleasure fishing I enjoy more the peaceful/natural surroundings and seeing the wildlife, picking venues that are more pleasing to the eye and of course catching some fish hopefully, which may involve fishing for a particular species of fish. Sometimes I practice for matches on new venues where I am trying to develop my skills and knowledge.


Motivation 36

Due to illness I rely on fishing to motivate me and exercise my mind and self esteem. Passing on knowledge and helping in a local club gives me purpose to not be house bound and also helps me do something constructive for the environment; help juveniles and others learn & enjoy the sport for its wider picture in environmental, social and activity and not just catching fish.

Motivation 40

I have re-entered the sport with the intention of learning to catch thick lipped mullet. Once I have achieved this, I will probably progress to spinning or fly fishing in the sea.


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Motivation 89

I'm not bothered by the size or quantity of fish I catch. Catching fish, any fish is what I like. I prefer river fishing but love ponds and lakes too. I'm more wrapped up in the process of angling rather than the aspect of relaxation. I'm not a competitive type of person so the only challenge I have is with myself to get the best of the place I'm fishing, even if it's just catching gudgeon all day. I enjoy fishing with friends and family but am equally at home fishing with strangers or alone.

Motivation 91

After years spent mainly fly-fishing for trout, I have moved on first to sea trout and then to salmon fishing. However I have recently retired and may well engage in various other types of angling now that I have more time.


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