Little Britain Lake

The Borough of Hillingdon formed a case study of how local authorities can promote access to the benefits of angling, particularly for young people and their families.

Little Britain Lake, once an area associated with antisocial behaviour, was regenerated as part of the councils review of fishing venues suitable for young people. Paths were cleared and fishing platforms developed to provide a free family fishing venue. Since then two free Family Fishing Fun Days have been hosted at the lake, attracting over 1600 participants.

During our visit to the fun day we had the opportunity to speak with parents, anglers and young people from the local community. We found that parents who were non-anglers themselves particularly appreciated the opportunity to learn how to fish alongside their children in a friendly relaxed manner.

A key concern among parents and young people was the lack of angling facilities and junior clubs in the area. The Borough of Hillingdon is leading the way in rectifying this with the free provisions at Little Britain Lake and in making junior fishing access a requirement of the renewal of all future angling club leases.

We also visited a Hillingdon Scouts badge initiative held at Les Webber's Angling Projects, and had the opportunity to interview the Leader of the Council about the plans for further development of angling within the community.

The Borough of Hilingdon can be found as an example of best practice in our forthcoming report "Making the Most of Local Waters".

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