BAIT Project

BAIT project (Bestwood Angling Interest Team) was developed in response to rising anti-social behaviour in the Brentwood estate outside Nottingham. It is an initiative run by the police and seeks primarily to develop a positive relationship between the police and young people in the local area.

Our site visit allowed us the opportunity to interview beat manager and project coordinator PC Gary Poser about how the angling project enables stronger community relationships.

“We looked at what was available for kids in the area and there was nothing. There was stuff available if they were willing to travel, but the majority of families on the estate don’t own a car, don’t have access to travel. So we needed to put some services back into the estate...So we started this project to try to actually start seeing the kids, get the kids coming up here, get to talk to them, get to know them, get to find out what goes on in the estate, get to signpost them to any other people that they might need. Trying to steer them away from anti social behaviour and crime...Rather than taking them down to the police station, locking them in a cell and giving them a criminal record we have been trying as a police service to put intervention in place. So we are seeing kids before they start getting into trouble.”

Bestwood Estate
Nottingham, NG5 5HT
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