Staffordshire Youth Anglers

Staffordshire Youth Anglers was developed as a fishing club by young people in response to a need they felt was not being met. The club is for those with an interest in angling and accommodates members from the ages of 8 to 23 yrs. It offers a range of coaching activities, fishing sessions, workshops and trips in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

What makes the club different from usual junior angling clubs is that it was formed principally as a social club. Young people fund raise and decide on activities themselves, shaping the development of the club. As a consequence it has engaged in activities beyond angling, including inviting wildlife speakers, making willow sculptures and bat boxes, as well as developing a community use pond dipping platform and accompanying information.

SYA is an interesting case because it serves as a good example of what can emerge when young people are given the opportunity to shape their own clubs.

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