CAST was established as a project in Newstead Village in 2001, but now operates across the wider Nottingham area. It was recently involved in the successful village SOS bid and is working to develop long disused mining land to provide a fishery, music and education venue for the local community.

CAST is shaped by a community involvement ethos, emerging first through a relationship with Newstead Abbey that would allow young people to use the Abbey's waters in exchange for assisting with ground maintenance. The project has since involved young people in community improvement work, including the clearance and restoration of long abandoned allotments. They offer accredited curriculum programs for young people aged 12-19 who may be struggling at school or are non-attenders, as well as working alongside or for community groups to deliver a variety of angling and environmental activities.

Our repeat visits to CAST allowed us the opportunity to speak to a number of young people who had been with the project for many years, including Ash who was first enagged as a teenager but has since become employed full time by the project. The way CAST works with and within the local community is an excellent example of best practice when it comes to reintegrating young people into their communities.

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Dates Visited: 
15/9/2009, 27/4/2010