Nacro Reading Angling Project

Nacro helps young people at risk of offending or antisocial behaviour to find alternative ways of spending their time. The service is designed to reach young people who have been excluded from school, or living in areas with poor facilities.

The Narco Angling Project run in Reading in 2010 involved the pilot of an Education to Employment scheme targetting young people not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET). We visited the project during the end of course awards ceremony and were able to interview the young people, coaches and coordinator about the program. Young people were particularly proud of the part of the course where they had identified a group of people, in this case young children and the over 50's, and designed and run an angling engagement session for them.

Young people interviewed spoke of their improved confidence and the close positive peer group they had developed through the program, and many of their opinions views have been included in our research outputs.

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