GHOF Teeside (Charlton's Pond)

GHOF Teesside is a key research site for our exploration of community engagement. Our focus on GHOF Teesside has principally been on the re-generation of Charton's Pond, Billingham, where project co-ordinator Dave Munt is involved in the local angling club's junior section.

Regular junior matches and a supportive network of club members makes it possible for the Teesside project to not only recruit peer mentors and provide additional tailored support to young people who may be experiencing difficulties, but also offers young people referred to GHOF programmes an exit route into a local club.

Our multiple visits to Charlton's Pond has allowed us the opportunity to speak with local residents, parents and young people about the value of this community facility. In addition to Charlton's pond, GHOF Teesside also works with schools, youth offending teams and youth groups to deliver coarse fishing in the Teesside area.

Our research has included a visit to Hemlington Lake, Middlesbrough, where GHOF Teesside deliver angling programmes along side the proactive friends of Hemlington Lake group.

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Dates Visited: 
Multiple visits May 2009 to 2011