GHOF Liverpool

GHOF Liverpool is one of our key research site for exploring the theme of peer mentoring. The project is coordinated by Peter Henery and runs inunder youth intervention project Positive Future North Liverpool. One of the advantages of this relationship is access to the positive Futures building which serves as a drop in point for the young people in the area.

GHOF Liverpool were identifies early by the research team as an important example of the positive use of peer mentoring. In 2010 there were 22 peer mentors registered at GHOF Liverpool, the majority of which volunteered for over 50 hours during the holidays, with one mentor totalling over 147 volunteer hours that year.

GHOF Liverpool works closely with local schools to offer AQA certified courses. They have provided sessions in coarse sea and game, working with GHOF Shropshire to arrange Catch and Cook game angling sessions.

GHOF Liverpool have developed strong relationships with both Stanley Park and Birkenhead Park becoming a well known presence and organising many peer mentor supported public angling sessions during the school holidays.

L4 4QS
Dates Visited: 
Multiple visits May 2009 to 2011