The Studio ADHD Center

The Studio ADHD Center in Surrey is a charity that works to support young people with ADHD and their families. Part of their engagement process involves offering angling activities assisted by the West Sussex Angling Academy.

The Studio works on transforming the way young people with ADHD and their parents view their condition. Nancy Williams, director of The Studio, uses a positive reframing of ADHD to focuse on young people’s strengths and abilities. Angling fits into the center's work because it allows young people to positively focus on what they can achieve, taking part in accredited angling courses, and working on developing confidence and self-esteem. Importantly angling engagement also assists young people to develop a greater degree of social awareness, build concentration, focus their attention, and develop control over impulsive behaviour. Nancy provided valuable expert explanations of how ADHD manifests in young people. We also had the opportunity to observe and angling session held by West Sussex Angling Academy and speak to some of the parents.

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