GHOF Easington

GHOF Easington is one of two principle case study sites for the young people's section of the research. This has meant multiple visits to the project since the research began in May 2009.

Set up in 2008, the Easington project is run by Darren McGlen and specialises in sea fishing. Our visits have included observation of Environmental Education Programmes that include beach cleans and rock pooling, as well as the Catch, Cook, and Eat programme, and numerous angling sessions.

GHOF Easington works closely with local schools, youth groups and Connexions service, youth offending and early intervention groups as well as young carers. GHOF Easington has recently expanded into coarse fishing with the development of a site at Strawberry Fields working alongside Sharpley Springs Fishery.

The project aims to establish a junior angling club and fixed site for the delivery of accredited angling programmes.

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Dates Visited: 
Multiple visits May 2009 to 2011