Albrighton Trust Moat & Gardens

Maot and GardensThe Albrighton Trust is a registered charity that exists to provide inclusive social, learning and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities; this includes those with significant sensory, physical impairments or learning difficulties and those with complex and challenging behavioural needs.

The activities of the Trust are based around a four and a half acre site that features a resource centre, moat and landscaped gardens. The moat has been stocked with native species of coarse fish and has seven wheelchair accessible jetties. Angling takes place under the supervision of qualified coaches and regular users of the site include groups from day centres, hospices, care homes, schools, and clubs & associations.

The Trust believes that visitors to the Moat & Gardens benefit from improved quality of life, enhanced overall health and psychological well-being, and increased self-esteem.

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11/05/2010; 26/06/2010; 01/09/2010


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