Inclusion Through Angling

Inclusion Through Angling is a project operating in and around Cardiff. Although Wales is outside of our research remit, we felt it was important to visit the project as it was one of the few to be integrated into the education delivery system.

The project forms one of a series of alternative education providers catering for young people who can access a two year long course as part of their curriculum. ITA was developed by Luke Richards and draws on his experince of working in Cardif and Caerfilly schools with young people who were disengaged with education. The emphasis on 'on-site' classroom and bankside learning provides an alternative learning environment appropriate for the needs of young people who may find it difficult to access learning in school. As part of a coordinated sytems young people attend the project from a variety of schools across Cardiff, giving young people the opportunity to form new peer groups beyond school boundaries.

The project is still in its infancy but its integration into mainstream provisions is extremely promising. We spent the day observing practice, talking to the coordinator, coaches and interviewing young people who had been on the program for a year already. Young people's responses were extremely useful and many have been included in the interim reports.

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