Interim Reports 2010

We have produced a number of working papers and guidance documents aimed at practitioners.

Angling Participation  

Theme Paper 1 Social Aspects of Angling pdf thumbnail

Our research in 2009 identified four aspects of angling participation worthy of greater focus because of the positive outcomes they have for individuals and communities. The theme papers below explore each of the four areas and their relationship with angling participation in more detail, using data collected from fieldwork in 2010 as evidence

Angling and Young People

Young People Part1 wellbeing2010 pdf thumbnail

The following documents are from the 2010 report series "In Their Own Words: Young People's Angling Experiences". The reports are predominantly based on observations and interviews with young people collected from May 2009 to Nov 2010 and the Young People's Angling Survey 2010. Each document explores the 'lived experience' of angling from the perspective of young people.

In Their Own Words: Young People's Angling Experiences:

Assynt Angling Study

The Assynt Anglers Survey 2010 pdf thumbnail

We have published two reports so far from the second year of the Assynt study in 2010. These are a survey of visiting anglers; and a more general visitor survey conducted in the area.

National Fishing Month Report 2010

National Fishing Month Report 2010 Cover

We worked with the Angling Trades Association who run National Fishing Month to analyse statistics collected from a sample of participants.



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