Project Reports

This page provides access to the reports and presentations produced by the Social and Community Benefits of Angling project. Here you can access:

Final Report 2012

Final report of the Angling Research project.

  • Fishing for Answers: the Final Report for the Social and Community Benefits of Angling Project summarises the key findings from three years of research. It explores angling's positive contribution to six distinct sectors: sports participation; health and well-being; the natural environment; community development; tourism and rural communities; and young people.


Interim Reports 2011

Reports and practitioner guides including:

  • Guide for Local Authorities on the role of angling for maximising the benefits of local waters in line with the Localism Agenda and public health priorities.
  • The third report in the 'In Their Own Words: Young People and Angling' series, on the benefits of angling based youth intervention programmes.

Interim Reports 2010

Working papers and practitioner documents covering:

  • Four participation 'Theme Papers' on the social aspects of angling, health and wellbeing, physical activity, and the environment.
  • Young people 'In Their Own Words' report series on wellbeing, and the benefits of and barriers to engagement in angling.
  • Two Angling in Assynt reports covering the Assynt Anglers Survey and Assynt Visitors Survey.
  • National Fishing Month report 2010

Interim Reports 2009

Extensive first year reports outlining some of the main findings to emerge in the research. Includes:

  • Summary interim report
  • Participation report including results from the adults anglers survey
  • Young People report including the development of a typology of engagement approaches
  • Angling in Assynt report including description of innovative methodological approaches
  • Young person's version (summarising key findings across 3 pages)

Project Presentations

Slide presentations PDFs from our dissemination events including

  • End of year 2009 stakeholder event
  • Green Spaces Conference
  • Angling Trust Board