New National Angling Strategy and Surveys

A new national angling strategy for England and Wales, Fishing for Life, was launched in November 2012. Substance have assisted with the production of this and conducted two national surveys to inform its development.

National Angling Surveys

As part of the preparation of the national angling strategy, the Angling Trust and Environment Agency commissioned Substance to conduct two major surveys of angling in England and Wales.

Download National Angling Survey 2012

The National Angling Survey was the largest survey of anglers yet undertaken, with over 29,000 respondents – a truly tremendous turnout. The survey aimed to find out about anglers’ participation, how this might be increased and their views about the role of the EA, the Rod Licence and the future of sea angling.

Download the National Angling Survey report here.

Download Angling Organisation Survey 2012

We also conducted the Angling Organisation Survey, a longer survey of 785 angling organisations about the future of the sport. The survey reports are available for download on this page.

Download the Angling Organisation Survey here.

Fishing for Life

Fishing for Life is a new national strategy for getting people fishing. In 2012, Defra and the Environment Agency commissioned the Angling Trust to compile a national strategy for the future of angling participation. Fishing for Life aims to find ways of overcoming barriers to increasing the number and diversity of anglers and maximising the benefits to society from people going fishing. Substance were commissioned to assist in the drafting of Fishing for Life, using the survey findings to help inform the strategy.

Fishing For Life - Full Report

You can download the Fishing For Life full report here.

You can download the Fishing For Life summary here.