Fishing in the Parks: A Research-based Outreach Program

Rupert,Jeffery D. and Dann, Shari L.
Fisheries 23: 19-27

In 1995 a new research-based fisheries outreach program called Fishing in the Parks began as a university-agency-organization collaboration. The focus of this effort was to understand outreach program participants and to assess whether this program effectively reached the targeted novice-angler segment of families with young children. In 1995 and 1996, surveys were administered to 2,374 adult and youth program participants, and we achieved a 77% overall response rate. Most adults (79%) attended with their own children, and most participants had never fished before or had fished very little. Adult survey respondents indicated they were very satisfied with the program: 92% intended to fish again, and 75% either had or intended to purchase a fishing license after the program. Almost all of the youth participants also were satisfied with the program: 99% intended to fish again, and 83% intended to buy equipment after the program. Carefully targeted, research-based outreach programs allow fisheries agencies to provide opportunities to nontraditional clientele with the aim of increasing public involvement in and stewardship of aquatic resources.


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