Why Do People Drop Out of Recreational Fishing? A Study of Lapsed Fishers from Queensland, Australia

Sutton, S. G., Dew, K. and Higgs, J.
Fisheries 2009, 34, 443-452.

We sought to understand declining recreational fishing participation in Queensland, Australia, by investigating why lapsed fishers ceased fishing and identifying the constraints that prevented them from resuming their fishing participation. The primary reasons for ceasing fishing were lack of time, loss of interest, and poor fishing quality. Most lapsed fishers were able to compensate for loss of fishing activity by increasing participation in other activities; about one-quarter reported a decrease in their overall leisure activity and leisure satisfaction since ceasing fishing. Half of the lapsed fishers surveyed reported an interest in fishing again; however, only 15% believed it was likely they would go fishing in the next 12 months. Most lapsed fishers interested in returning to fishing cited too many commitments, lack of knowledge about fishing regulations, and lack of fishing partners as reasons preventing them from fishing. Demographic characteristics significantly influenced the reasons for ceasing fishing and the perceptions of constraints preventing resumption of fishing activity. Results should help the recreational fishing sector develop strategies to deal with declining recreational fishing participation.


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