The Benefits of Inland Waterways Final Report

OGorman et al/Jacobs for DEFRA and the Inland Waterways Advisory Council

Inland waterways make a valuable contribution to peoples’ quality of life. The benefits they provide are diverse and include transport, recreation opportunities, drainage services, regeneration benefits and non-use values1. The full range of benefits is rarely considered in decisions over the use or development of inland waterways and their surrounding areas; this can result in incorrect or inappropriate decisions being made. Where the wider value of inland waterways is not fully appreciated there is a risk that opportunities to realise important benefits are missed and / or that other benefits provided by the waterways network are compromised. It is important therefore, that the benefits provided by inland waterways are identified so that they may be maximised. This study was undertaken to: (i) attempt to provide an indication of the value of inland waterways; (ii) provide evidence for future cost-benefit assessments of projects or proposals; and (iii) aid in the assessment of the level of public sector funding.

The Benefits of Inland Waterways Phase 1 - 2nd Edition March 20103.14 MB


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