Public attitudes to angling 2010

Simpson, D. and Mawle, G.W.

Angling is a popular activity contributing to the economy of rural areas, and the well-being of society. But how many people in England and Wales are interested in angling? Do teenagers still want to catch real fish ? Over the past decade, annual sales of Environment Agency rod licences for England and Wales have increased by 35 percent, from 1.09 million in 2000/1 to 1.47 million in 2009/10. Does this reflect an increase in the number of anglers or are more anglers buying licences? More importantly, what is the potential to increase the number of anglers and licence sales in the future ? What do potential anglers need to encourage them to fish? This, the latest of our ‘Public Attitudes to Angling’ surveys, helps to answer these questions to guide those involved in developing and improving angling and our fisheries.

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