Arkansas urban resident fishing site preferences, catch related attitudes and satisfaction

Hutt, C.P. And Neal, J.W.
Human Dimensions of Wildlife

Declines in recreational fishing participation, underrepresentation of non-whites among the angling population, and increased urban immigration and sprawl has prompted the development of urban fishing programs. This study sought to develop profiles of anglers living within urban areas located throughout the state of Arkansas. We separated anglers based on the percentage of their fishing effort that was spent within their city of residence. Anglers that predominately fished urban waters were 34% more likely to be non-white than anglers that fished rural waters exclusively. Urban anglers placed greater importance on catch, on-site amenities, and safety than rural anglers, while rural anglers placed greater importance on the scenic beauty of a site and the ability to escape the trappings of the urban environment. Future fisheries management efforts will be dependent on the support of growing urban populations, and fisheries managers will need to strongly consider the unique needs of these constituents.


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