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Our research has uncovered evidence on the numerous social and community benefits of angling. We have made this available so that it may support funding proposals, policy developments, further academic research or the dissemination of general information on the benefits of angling.

Find evidence on:

Young People and Angling

Our research looked at how angling benefits young people, particularly those who are socially excluded. It involved action research with UK angling intervention charity Get Hooked On Fishing, as well as visits to other angling intervention projects, schools, clubs and young people events. Over 200 young people took part in the Young People's Angling Survey and over 50 projects have contributed to the young people's Angling Projects Survey. The data collected is available here in a variety of forms.

Young People

Personal Benefits and Angling

Our research has identified four benefit 'domains' that are linked to recreational angling participation. These domains have been labelled personal health and wellbeing, physical activity, socialisation and the natural environment. You can find evidence about these benefits on the following pages:

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Environmental Improvement and Access

Our research has demonstrated the importance of nature to the angling experience, and how anglers are central to a number of schemes and projects that aim to conserve or rehabilitate habitats. Examples include:

Rural Communities

Our research evidences how angling can have a positive impact on rural communities. It is principally based on case study research on Assynt, an area in Sutherland, North West Scotland. In particular our research has focused on the benefits of collective ownership and angling tourism for sustainable community development. A separate project website was developed for Assynt to provide information about fishing in the Assynt area and generate research data.

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