Typology of Angling Organisation Approaches

This table demonstrates four distinct types of approach used by organisations engaging young people through angling. The table serves as a theoretical marker to delineate where projects and organisation are concentrating their efforts. These categories are not mutually exclusive and many projects employ elements of each throughout their delivery sessions. However recognising the approach that dominates a particular organisation is useful in understanding the specific aims and outcomes that orientate angling organisations. Making this distinction should allow for better understanding of where there might be gaps in delivery, how organisations may be better supported, and recognise the different areas of expertise associated with different approaches. For a more detailed description of the typology of approaches see pages 24-40 of Angling and Young People Interim Report 2009.

Typology of Angling Organisation Approaches
Sport Development Approach Diversionary Approach Educational Approach Personal and Social Development Approach
DCMS/Sport England Home Office, Police/Youth justice system DCSF
Alternative education/extended schools
Youth Task Force
10 Year Youth Strategy
Angling Clubs and ADB/AT Police, Fire service, YOT, Councils. Schools, Colleges, angling projects GHOF and some angling projects
Progression and development via matches, clubs and training.
Structured events.
Involvement of coaches.
Temporary, activity sessions.
Often targeted to specific 'hot spot' areas and young people.
Aim is temporary diversion but often with a belief activity could be taken up beyond the session.
Attainment of qualifications.
Re-engagement with learning.
Aim to improve truancy and keep young people from exclusion.
Recognise and award personal and social development. (ASDAN)
Gateways to further learning or employment
Personal and social development.
Use and development of peer mentors.
Focus on social skills, responsibility, and confidence.
Gateways to employment, training, further development.