The Distinction of Angling

This table demonstrates the aspects of angling that make it distinctive as a tool for engaging young people. It highlights how features of angling are used for personal and social development, with particular benefit for socially excluded young people. For more detail on each of these aspects see pages 15- 19 of Angling and Young People Interim Report 2009.

The Distinctions of Angling
Aspect of Angling Benefit delivered
Angling as 'The Great Leveller'.
  • Downplaying backgrounds, abilities or social/educational disadvantage.
  • Mitigate self criticism of 'failures' while still celebrating success.
Importance of catching
  • Using the 'buzz' of catching to generate interest and the motivation that enables angling to be used as a tool of re-engagement.
Graduated skill development
  • Ensures all young people can identify and experience an element of success to reflect on.
Expressing and recognising achievement through photography
  • Maintaining a young person’s personal record of distance travelled and achievements.
  • A way to have success recognised and celebrated.
  • To express belonging and signify the interest taken in young people’s progress.
Peer groups
  • Providing the opportunity to engage in and develop alternative, positive peer groups.
  • Increase positive engagement between younger and older peers.
  • Development of ‘role models’ and peer mentors.
Inter-generational engagement
  • Opportunity to engage with appropriate adults and wider adult members of the community.
  • Potential to improve negative perceptions between adults and young people.
Engagement across social barriers
  • Developing awareness of BME, disability, or other marginalised social groups through shared experiences.
Targetted social skill development
  • Tailoring session to the development of particular social skills outcomes.
Providing 1-2-1 engagement opportunities
  • Opportunity for 1-2-1 youth work while engaging in an activity.
  • 1-2-1 work without the stigma of needing to remove young people from group activities.