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To understand why angling is important to young people it's best to hear it directly from them.  We asked young people to tell us their story in interviews and through online tools. Below are extracts from what they said. Scroll over the boxes to find out more. We do our best to put comments up, but may have to cut them down to fit. Latest stories will appear at the top.

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Male (14)

I enjoy going fishing as my life is very stressing(exams/love).Fishing lets me get away from everything, put my bivvie up,lie on my bed, take in the air and listen for the alarms. Fishing gives you that buzz, from the first cast you know you're going to catch something and when the alarms go you know it's going to be big. It relieves a lot of stress from school and life and makes your feel better about yourself.

Male (13)

We were hooking little rudds which gets annoying, so getting cold, wet and bored my friend phoned his mum to get us. Then my mate had a bite. He was excited so lept up and so did his phone, out of his pocket and into the water. He got VERY angry and accidently snapped my rig and threatened to throw my net in. He was pretty mad. That was the day. A complete Shambles but I enjoyed every minute cos I love Fishing :)

Male (15)

I've been fishing now for 3 years, I started goin fishing because I used to always get in trouble with the police. Ever since I started goin fishing I just cant get away from the place. I got into it by goin to coaching sessions and I now help doin coaching sessions. It's great helping a kid catch their first fish. When I go fishing I stay out all day- 9 till about 7 nearly everyday in the six weeks holiday because that's my life really.

Male (15)

I first went fishing aged 10. From the first time the float slipped under I've been addicted. I've had some amazing moments, I've seen a heron dive in and catch fish only metres away from me, seen huge carp warming themselves in shallow water. It gets me outside, alone, and given me the opportunity to experience an evening beside a lake in summer, to watch the sun set and feel like the day could not have been better spent

Male (15)

I do it to get away. You can understand where I come form like. When I want to be by myself, it's places like this [fishing spots]. It's nice you know, be in the fresh air, sit down with a flask and a couple of sandwiches and it's nice...Mum's got a don't bother me nowt, I love her, but I like to get away sometimes. Just have a bit of me time basically. I come out in the winter etc, wrap up warm and it's all right


It's a good place to do school work, sit on the bankside. You put your rods out, put on your alarm. I used to go there when I had my GCSE's and do my work can't walk around the street doing your work...I think out of all my friends I was the only one that done well at school


There was nowt to do on a weekend, I used to play cricket but that was like and hour if you're lucky on a Sunday morning, apart from that there's nothing else. Fair enough there's swings and playgrounds but you get to a certain age when they're no good and that's it, there's nothing else to is one of those things that you can do when you want. If you're got bored you can go out for a couple of hours

Female (18)

I'm the youngest qualified fishing coach in the UK. Fishing is my life. I've met great people through this sport. I took my coaching course through AFYD and Dreamstore when I was 17, got my certificate on my 18th birthday and haven't looked back. I've been asked to fish for the ladies Scottish international and the common wealth team. I love to coach and pass on my knowledge. Each time I go fishing I learn something new.


I fish to clear my head and to get away from the stresses of life. It gives me a chance to think. Fly fishing is expensive but it's worth it and kept me out of trouble. Instead of hanging round the streets drinking I was home tying flies and saving up for tackle. I encourage all my friends and family to take up fishing as I know the benefits it has but the expense is the biggest problem-it puts most people off.

Male (14)

People between the age of 12-18 years should be treated more responsible. I am 14 and I want to do more night fishing but cant find any places to do it because you have to be over 18 or 21.

Male (17)

Fishing is my life and without it there would be nothing left for me really and if it was to be banned for some reason I would be mortified. There is so many reasons why I go fishing and I will always go fishing for as long as I live because of the sheer excitement I get out of it.


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