Survey 2009 - Where People Fish

The sequence of maps appearing immediately below show the locations where surveyed anglers said they go fishing the most. All data was sourced from the 2009 angler survey conducted for this research. A red dot represents 1 mention of that location, an orange dot represents approximately 5 mentions, a green dot represents approximately 10 mentions, a light blue dot represents approximately 15 mentions and a dark blue dot represents 20 mentions.

Approximately 84% (n=2015) of the questionnaire respondents spent the majority of their time angling in England, whereas approximately 10% (n=234) spent the majority of their time angling in Scotland. The remaining 5% of the sample spent most of their time angling either in Wales, Northern Ireland or another nation.

Scottish Fishing LocationsScottish Fishing LocationsNorth England Fishing LocationsNorth England Fishing LocationsWales and Central EnglandWales and Central EnglandSouthern EnglandSouthern England