Data Visualisation

Whilst on the Reports page we provide access to the full text versions of our research findings, we also believe it is important to make research findings more readily accessible. As such we have developed a number of ways in which research findings and outputs can be visualised.

These include:

  • TagsTag Clouds
    A tag cloud allow qualitative data such as text from interview transcripts or survey responses, to be quantified and presented so that the size of key words represents the frequency of responses.

  • Small MapMaps
    We have used digital mapping technology to map a variety of data from the research project. This includes information such as where our survey respondents come from, the spread of young people's angling projects, to locations of boats and lochs in Assynt.

  • Chart iconCharts and Graphs
    Our surveys have generated a number of charts and graphs that can be accessed here.

  • TablesTables
    Tables are used throughout our reports to summarise some of the key qualitative findings.
  • Your Stories IconYour Stories
    A collection of sliding boxes displaying website submissions from young people describing what angling means to them.