User Guide for Exhibit

Exhibit organises data into 'facets'. We have chosen 11 facets that can be used to query the angling survey data. These appear next to the map on the right hand side and include:

  • Age
  • Skill level
  • Angling spend a year
  • Habitat most fished
  • Target Species
  • Catch method
  • Club membership
  • Sex
  • Local Authority
  • Household income
  • Days spent angling a year

Each 'facet' has further sub-catergories. By clicking on one of the main subcatergories in the right hand panel you can sort the dataset so that only records matching the selected subcategory are displayed. For example, the facet  ‘Angling Skill Level’ includes the subcategory ‘Expert’. Clicking on ‘Expert’ will show all the surveyed anglers who classified themselves as ‘Expert’.

You can have multiple subcategories selected at the same time by clicking multiple check boxes. e.g. Male, Expert and Beginners, aged 20-29.

The numbers next to each subcategory tells you how many anglers relate to that category. The total number of angler's selected is displayed in the top left corner (above the map). You can also reset all the filters and start again by clicking reset above the map.

We have used Exhibit to demonstrate two views of the angling survey data. The first (default) view is a map of the UK where each survey data record is represented by a marker. By clicking on an individual marker you can access all the data pertaining to that particular record. The second view displays each data record in a list of individual ‘tiles’ that you can browse through.

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