Data Dashboard and Open Data

We have made the data from the 2009 Angling Participation Survey of over 2400 anglers available for you to analyse.

  1. Use the interactive 'data dashboard' tool to query, analyse and map the data yourself
  2. Download the raw dataset and analyse it using your own software.

1.The Data Dashboard

You can interact with the survey results through our 'data dashboard'.

Why not analyse the data according to what interests you. For example, you might want to display data just for those anglers who are beginners and cross reference it with those who fall between the ages of 20-40. There are 11 query categories to choose from, and geographic spread of responses are automatically mapped.

Because of the large number of survey responses, we have had to split the dashboard according to angling type. To have a go at playing with the data follow the links below or on the right had side.

About the data dashboard

The dashboard demonstrates what can be achieved in terms of data presentation and visualisation. It works within your internet browser and is configured to use Exhibit, an open source web application. Exhibit organises data according to facets or filters. Because of the amount of data collected by the 2009 Angling Participation Survey, the Exhibit application has been split into three separate dashboard interfaces - one each for coarse angling, game angling and sea angling. To find out more about Exhibit visit:

2. Download Raw Data

Download the full Microsoft Excel file of the research (3.94MB)
Download the full OpenDocument format file of the research (0.88MB)
Download the full CSV file of the research (3MB)

Zipped/Compressed versions
xls zip version (0.9MB)
csv zip version (0.46MB)

If you use the data to produce queries, cross-tabs or other forms of analysis, please email them to us and we can display them on this website. Share them with us and other users by sending an email to info[a]